Reiki Grandmaster II.

Serious Reiki research based on testing and verification. Getting know different Reiki systems. This time we are going to pay attention to those who can seriously claim to be Reiki grand master. This is certainly very interesting topic. 1. REIKI GRANDMASTER Who has the right to declare yourself to Reiki Master? Fortunately, there is no Read More


I examine Reiki signs in my esoteric practise. I try to find out where Reiki signs started, how to practice them and bring them really into healings and Reiki meditation. I practice signs as movement records. Something like storage of giving legs and hands during dance performance. Record of motion where each movement is marked Read More


WHO AM I? My name is Sasa Pueblo and I live in Slovakia. I have been doing healing and spirituality over 25 years. My grandmother was healer and herbalist and I decided to continue in this tradition. At beginning I used to heal traditionally and I traveled over Slovakia. Later I have decided to practice Read More

Reiki Grandmaster

WHAT IS REIKI? Reiki is versatile system which could be used by anyone as the base of health and meditations. It allows transfer of information from Reiki master to pupil. It allows to become Reiki healer and also to work on the distance. It has been 3 years while Sasa Pueblo accepted Reiki practice as Read More