WHO IS SASA PUEBLO? Sasa Pueblo has his healing abilities since birth. His grandmother was herbalist and healer. He has taken over and developed this tradition. He was lying in hospital for several months during childhood and his grandmother was taken him away from the hospital and healed him. Sasa Pueblo gradually developed different kinds Read More

Reiki Healing II.

Previous Articles: REIKI HEALING 1. OWN ENERGIES Reiki healer who uses own energies Mitochondrial center, mitochondrial power plants, Fe economy, higher level of Fe, bio-fatty magnet Fe, mitochondrial chemical factories, mitochondria similar those which were at fusion of egg and sperm, reserved around the navel. Reiki master heals treated person by own energies. Reiki Read More

Reiki Healing

Reiki healer is the person who applies different techniques in own body, but also in the body of treated person. Reiki healer has survived the clinical death or he has already trained it, or both – he survived of the clinical death and then he trained this state, so he reached the gentle release of Read More