Reiki of Mikao Usui

Reiki of Mikao Usui After a while I have come back to detailed research of reiki as the seasoned guy, who is getting know and practices this system almost 15 years. This time we started more detailed reiki research and we surprisingly created a new perspective on this issue. Reiki Let me introduce reiki system Read More

Silva Vocal Cords and “Bubbler”

Silva Vocal Cords and “Bubbler” We pay attention to issues of Silva techniques which were invented by american Jose Silva. These are techniques based on the vibration of the nervous system itself. We have been focused on the development of these techniques successively for 15 years and during this period they have been fundamentally redesigned Read More

Reincarnation a Bit Differently than it is Common

Reincarnation a Bit Differently than it is Common How you already know, the peak in the esotericism is the interest about what will be after the death. Some people don´t understand how important part of the human life is this idea. Here we have an issue of the spiritism, occultism, the world of the dead, Read More

Journey to the Center of the Human Soul

Journey to the Center of the Human Soul Esotericist who wants to become somebody in the modern esotericism, has to concentrate his attention at his own body and everything what he has inside. Modern meditation requires to build extraordinary abilities in own neurons. The most of them are in the brain. If you have decided Read More

The Megalithic Trance and the Megalithic World

The Megalithic Trance and the Megalithic World We pay attention to the megalithic culture and megalithic buildings, which are spread over the whole world. Overall, it is necessary to pay attention to the way of life of prehistoric and natural people in the esotericism. And so the meditation person goes step by step through all Read More

Movement Scheme in Esotericism

Movement Scheme in Esotericism  We will look at issues of motion usage in the esotericism but also for the health and longevity. We will try to inform how Sasa Pueblo goes in this direction, which also devotes the rehearsal of different motion actions within the esotericism and health. At the beginning we would like to Read More

Bio Cosmic Artificial Intelligence

Bio Cosmic Artificial Intelligence How to build bio artificial intelligence in own brain? The point is to rebuild certain functions in the brain by long-term exercises. Thus you will build an extraordinary ability and its pernament functioning. You form in your brain bio equipment and bio artificial intelligence. Here is ordinary human being who was Read More

How to Reach Esoteric Peak

How to Reach Esoteric Peak This article will discuss in detail how to do spiritual and esoteric way that will not lead you to hands of psychiatrist and oncologists. From the beginning and with patience movement forward Sasa Pueblo is knowledgeable enough to be able to write such a topic because he has practised spirituality Read More

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