Reiki Hayashi – Bones

In this article we will devote to Reiki symbols of bones. Foundation of Reiki is in Japan. To get to know Japanese culture, you do not have to go to Japan. You can watch videos and learn about Japanese culture in this way. It is necessary to go through videos about ikebana, bonsai, samurai of Read More

Reiki Hayashi

Here we have the issue of reiki and the investigation of reiki history. We stop in this research to reiki founders and mainly we will direct to the fate of a military doctor and teacher of reiki Chujiro Hayashi. Reiki means bioenergies of the human body and to perceive reiki energies we should become a Read More

Reiki Exorcist

Reiki Exorcist Exorcism is actually something like a magical psychology and psychiatry. Of course its application into reiki healing and consecration is extraordinary untraditional but exorcistic interventions are practiced even today in different religious systems. In exorcistic reiki will not go just about casting out evil spirits from the body of mentally disturbed persons. Thus, Read More

Reiki Shambhala

Reiki Shambhala Here we will dedicate time to issue of reiki amplification in the spinal cord inside of the back. Spinal cord starts in the middle of the brain and from there it goes over the individual vertebrae down into the tailbone. Around the spinal cord are many ganglia and they are units size of Read More

Reiki Mantra

Reiki Mantra Reiki mantra is extremly demanding area of reiki. In principle reiki mantra means the connection of reiki with throat area but also other areas in the human body as peritoneum – membrane below lungs, membranes on the brain, micro membranes alveoli in lungs. Crucial for the application of vibrating, oscillating and resonating reiki Read More

Reiki Aura

According medical sources bioenergy is produced in each cell. Cell contains except different micro oranelle also mitochondria. Mitochondrias in cells receive specific substances of a size smaller than 0, 00001 and thus they are nano substances. They are formed in the bone mass, part of the bone. Inside it is the bone mitochondria – “chemical Read More

Reiki Healing

Reiki healer is the person who applies different techniques in own body, but also in the body of treated person. Reiki healer has survived the clinical death or he has already trained it, or both – he survived of the clinical death and then he trained this state, so he reached the gentle release of Read More

Reiki Superconducting

I have already processed this topic based on conventional magnetic forces which are based on exposure of one, two or more magnets within Reiki school. Alternatively, I wrote about electromagnets. It is a magnet and through this magnet flows a low electrical current. We worked with magnetism, which creates a natural magnetic lodestone with its Read More

Reiki Meteorite

Telekinesis reiki In principle the reiki master has to start the path to telekinetic abilities. It doesn´t matter that he doesn´t have any telekinetic abilities. Gradually he builds up skills some things inside yourself but also in others force to the action. Telekinetic abilities don´t appear at the beginning but the process to achieve these Read More

Night Reiki

Night Reiki In principle we can talk here about reiki, which is practised into the night mode and so the person goes into the artificial sleep by using pills called hypnotics or get the person to the hypnosis by words or other techniques. We strive for reiki applied into the area of sleeping. So we Read More

Reiki Consecration

Reiki Consecration Here I write about the issue of running a reiki consecration. How to consecrate yourself and someone else in his presence or at a distance without his presence. How to consecrate yourself and someone else in his presence or at a distance without his presence. We will talk here about physical area of Read More

Reiki Chakra

Reiki Chakra Chakra, Chakras distribution, Pineal gland chakra, Root chakra, Sacral Chakra, Solar plexus chakra, Vestigiality, Heart chakra, Throat chakra, Frontal chakra, Parietal chakra, Indigo child, Chakras activation, Evolutionary genetics I am writing here about the issue of chakras and this time from the position of reiki healing and reiki consecration. The point is not looking Read More

Reiki Philippines

Reiki Philippines I publish here experiences of my 20 years exploration of Philippine healers. We try to intellectually understand what are those treatments and how to gain Philipines master skills and look at the issue of the treatment by medicine and its knowledge. We try to establish the meditation of Philippines approach. We don´t exclude Read More

Reiki Mesmer

Reiki Mesmer We are focusing to option to renew biomagnetic energy in the body and we try to do it more dynamic. By biomagnetism we understand the body’s ability to produce bio energy inside cells and specifically in the mitochondria, which are the size of a grain of the sand. But don´t be confused because Read More

Reiki Bones

Reiki Bones We continue in reiki exploration and investigation, how to get reiki where it belongs and where Mikao Usui likes to see it. We want study and practice reiki system using scientific methods. We want get to know reiki as meditation and medical treatment and clearly indicate where the strength of reiki is. You Read More

Reiki Signs

Reiki Signs Application of reiki signs in practice as a system of realization spiritual science and wisdom. We can meditate or exercise and also consecrate reiki and it is a transmission of extraordinary abilities to others. You will find here described techniques for healing and esoteric practices. Pendulum The pendulum is a weight suspended from Read More

Reiki of Spirals

Basic reiki Our interest is to return reiki as an energetic system to its original quality level, as Japanese reiki master Mikao Usui treated doctors of Japanese Navy during the first world war. It’s an interesting step, where Reiki system wasn´t used only for the emperor and his family and this was a tradition not Read More

Angelic Reiki

Angelic Reiki Antarctica We continue in reiki system and mainly for the purpose of activation embryonic structures in the human body. They are neurons and neural structures, which arised during 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th month in embryo life inside pregnant mother. Nowadays Reiki has tend to omit this area Read More


Reiki TAO We are dedicated to reiki as such. Firstly chakra points on the human body, which are well known are the basis for reiki. We have to penetrate psychically into these chakra points, purify them and open them. Chakra points are basically points on the skin, in the first layer of the skin. These Read More

Reiki Lingam Chakra

Reiki Lingam Chakra This is the area associated with the cult of birthing and procreation. Overall cult of the mountain Kailas and the river Ganga with large rocks in its stream and this stream carries rocks to the cosmos, where Ganga is changed to a snake and stones on living beings. It is a mythological Read More

Videos of Japanese Reiki and Others

Videos of Japanese Reiki and Others We meditate watching different videos. First of all, we watch these videos so that we get them well saved to the memory and that means that we watch these videos many times. You learn, for example, from magnetic fields to reach out into yourself what you meditate. This is Read More

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