START OF REIKI IS THE BEGINNING OF BUDHA MEDITATION SYSTEMS As a good Reiki master I am interested in Reiki history and I wonder: Where Reiki started? Where was developed into peak shape? Was original tradition maintained or disappeared? Does anybody keep in nowadays historic Reiki forms? Lots of questions appear and we are looking Read More


This contribution does not promote the use of any drugs. We are fundamentally opposed to using drugs. Their use is illegal and falls under criminal law. Drug usage and smoking also harm health and I do not recommend it. I recommend suggestion and believing that you used the substance and connect on distance to their Read More


Reiki Iris Here we are going to introduce iris diagnostics and iris therapy. It isn´t ordinary to link Reiki and iris diagnostic through Reiki healing. And so we started to collect experiences from distant Reiki healing. Firstly we should take this material as the basis to orientate in iris diagnostic topic. We will gradually practice Read More


Previous Articles: REIKI HEALING 1. OWN ENERGIES Reiki healer who uses own energies Mitochondrial center, mitochondrial power plants, Fe economy, higher level of Fe, bio-fatty magnet Fe, mitochondrial chemical factories, mitochondria similar those which were at fusion of egg and sperm, reserved around the navel. Reiki master heals treated person by own energies. Reiki Read More


WHAT IS REIKI? Reiki is versatile system which could be used by anyone as the base of health and meditations. It allows transfer of information from Reiki master to pupil. It allows to become Reiki healer and also to work on the distance. It has been 3 years while Sasa Pueblo accepted Reiki practice as Read More


Flaming hands There are cases of individuals who use strong bio energies in treatment and often heal with so called “hot hands”. And I do not mean heating of hands. Their hands are so hot because such people have body organs built of spare prehistoric organs and those incurred as a substitute for normal organs Read More


Previous Articles: Reiki Shambhala Spinal cord, spine and vertebrae In this article we will again pay attention to intersection of Reiki system into the spine area and so into all vertebrae and intervertebral discs. In the middle of about 32 discs is placed spinal cord which goes from the center of the head through Read More

Reiki Philippines II

Previous Articles:                     Reiki Philippines We continue in Reiki research all over the world. We again came back to Philippines and we have deepened our experience in applying this Reiki. In principle, we think that this system of Reiki treatments and therapies founded European spiritual Read More

Reiki Feathers

Dream esoterism and hypnotic personality We are interested about Reiki which influences and protects night sleeping and overall neurons and neural pathways in human body. It is known that if person falls asleep has little chance to control what will happen during sleeping. You often do a lot of meditation during the day, you do Read More

Reiki Oscillator

How to perceive frequency in hertz? We know from the scientific environmnet that our body and everything in it oscillates, vibrates and resonates at different levels. If I will move with hands fast as if they were fly wings I visually identify certain oscillating movement. Eyelashes on eyes oscillate. Vocal cords produce sounds and I Read More

Reiki Light

The human brain – the seat of micro pyramids In this article I am going to analyze the issue of pyramidal shapes and that both already known pyramids in Egypt, as well as pyramidal shape of smaller buildings such as pyramids of wooden or metal structures most commonly built as a relaxing and healing space. Read More

Reiki Amber

Amber is a fossil resin of coniferous trees, but also other species of trees and shrubs that originated millions of years ago. For example, well-known amber from Baltic area was originally resin which hardened and turned into something similar to the stone. To perceive the healing potential of thousands or millions years old resin and Read More

Reiki Angel

All angelic beings I will here cover issues around angel world. Also, a visual symbol of the angel which is presented as a human figure with wings or as fluid or ethereal being created from mist and it has white birds wings. Angel is in symbolism characterised as envoy of somebody. Envoy brings something and Read More

Reiki astral OBE – Astral projections

OBE TO BONES At the beginning I would like to remind that I pay attention to this issue already more then 20 years. I didn´t have the ability to do astral projection before 20 years and I wasn´t able to manage this. Here you can follow how I´ve learnt specific techniques, how I examined them, Read More

Reiki Cosmos

Overall processing of prior period Sasa Pueblo is particularly actively involved in Reiki already second year. Previously he devoted esoteric basics and overall spiritual sciences about 20 years. He constantly develops his oracular and healing abilities. Sasa Pueblo can be considered as polyhistorical personality educated in all natural sciences, social sciences and technical sciences. Sasa Read More

Reiki Radiation

Sasa Pueblo continues in his Reiki research using his sensible abilities which are bulit on control of temporal lobe in the brain. He builds something like ultrasonicsonar of bat as well as infrasonic sonar of whales. Infrasound is also produced by the organ. This potential allows him to perceive objects which ordinary human senses are Read More

Hypnotic Reiki

We continue in Reiki platform which is strongly linked to everything what relates with meteorites all types and sizes. We are adding all kinds of radioactive material to meteorites. We start with natural pitchblende from which was made radioactive uranium. We don´t want to come to direct contact with such radioactive material. It would be Read More

Reiki SRZ – prehistoric crab

We continue in Reiki series for practical healing, esotericism and spirituality. Sasa Pueblo has 20 years of investigation and testing in esoterism, healing and spiritual world. After this period of time came up a need to move from research and testing into actual practice of spirituality. Sasa Pueblo has choosen consciously and logically Reiki for Read More

Reiki 3rd Eye

We continue in the sequence of consecrations into Reiki. We have realised the consecration through posthumous record of Japanese autistic who lived in one Japanese monastery and consecrated Japanese Reiki masters. Not every record is retained after death, but this is possible in autistic individual mainly because he mechanically rubbed meteoric rocks. Sasa Pueblo finded Read More

Reiki Cobra

We continue in series of Reiki consecrations and sicking of unique spiritual objects in persons who died. We look for individuals who own spiritual and healing activities connected with meteorites. We found Japanese autist who was exclusively interested in meteorites and nothing else. He touched them whole days, meditated and thought about meteorites. And then Read More

Reiki Hawayo Takata

In this article I ´m going to write about Reiki woman Haway Takata who follows the tradition of Mikao Usui and Chujiro Hayashi. I will describe how the original dedication from Hawayo Takata should looks like, how received object acts, what possibilities it gives for healing and meditation. Hawayo Takata objects are inside interchangeable according Read More

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